PABUSTAN, Feliqidad M.

Re: Death of Respondent during the

Pendency of her Administrative Case

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RESOLUTION NO. 01-04 8 5


Antonio G. Virata, Mayor, Municipality of Gen. Mariano Alvarez, Province of Cavite, informs the Commission that Felicidad M, Pabustan, Administrative Assistant, said municipal government, and the subject of an administrative case for Dishonesty and Falsification of Official Documents under Resolution No. 00-2714 dated December 6, 2000, died last September 26, 1997.


The pertinent portion of the aforesaid resolution reads, as follows:


0'HEREFORE, Felici4ad M. Pabustan is hereby formally charged with Dishonesty and Falsification of Official Documents. Accordingly, she is given five (5) days from receipt hereof to submit her answer under oath, together with the affidavits of her witnesses if any, to the Civil Service Commission Regional Office (CSCRO) No. IV, No. 139 Panay Avenue, Quezon City. "


In his letter, Mayor Virata represented that his office received the subject resolution on December' 1S, 2000. Moreover, he attached in the same letter a photocopy of Pabustan's Death Certificate with Registry No. 97-l292.


Considering that the death of respondent Pabustan was clearly established by the documentary evidence submitted by Mayor Virata and considering further that the said incident transpired long before the issuance of Resolution No. 00-2714 charging her with the aforementioned offense, the Commission deems it no longer feasible to pursue with the formal hearing of her case for having been rendered moot and academic.


Constitution Hills, Batasang Paebansa Complex, Diliman 1126 Quezon City



WHEREFORE, the administrative case of Felicidad M. Pabustan for Dishonesty and Falsification of Official Documents is hereby DISMISSED.


Quezon City. February 20, 2001













Attested by:




Director III



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