TORRES, Trinidad
Re: Loyalty Award


This pertains to the letter query dated November 22, 1999 of Trinidad Torres, formerly of the Philippine Information Agency, Quezon City, relative to the loyalty award given to government employees.

The pertinent portions of the request read as follows:

"I would like to formally inquire from your office regarding my entitlement for a loyalty pay from the Philippine Information Agency because currently they are giving such benefit to their employees who have rendered ten (10) years in service.

I was with that office from March of 1988 up to May of 1999 rendering 11 years in service and it is only now that they are paying that benefit of which I already transferred to another office. As what I understand I am still entitled to that benefit because I have rendered more than 10 years of service in that agency."

Based on the aforequoted representations, it appears that Torres was with the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) from March 1988 to May 1999 or for a period of eleven (11) years. It also appears that she has transferred already to another agency but it is only now that PIA is paying the loyalty pay.

Relevant to the resolution of the issue is Civil Service Commission Memorandum Circular No. 42, s. 1992 which specifically provides:

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"2. A loyalty ward shall be given to an employee of the government who has completed ten (10) years of continuous and satisfactory service to the particular office granting the award." While it is true that Torres had already severed her relationship with the PIA, as long as she had continuously rendered service with the said agency for a period of ten (10) years, her right to such benefit had already accrued and, thus, even if it is only now that PIA is paying the loyalty award, she should be paid said benefit. What is important to consider is that for ten (10) years, Torres had rendered continuous and satisfactory service in only one agency, the PIA. To rule otherwise will defeat the purpose of the issuance which is to reward officials and employees who have been loyal to their agency for at least ten (10) years.

WHEREFORE, foregoing premises considered, the Commission holds and so rules that Trinidad Torres is entitled to receive payment of her loyalty pay from the Philippine Information Agency.

Quezon City, JAN 19 2000.




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    THELMA P. GAMINDE                                                       JOSE F. ERESTAIN, JR.

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