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Publication of Vacancies
Republic Act 7041 (commonly known as the Publication Law) was passed by the Philippine legislature in July 1990 to provide transparency and promote equal opportunity in hiring government personnel.
In essence, the law requires that vacancies in government service should first be announced to the public before they can be filled.
Implementation of the law is lodged with the operating agencies themselves and the CSC as the central personnel agency of government.
Specifically, agencies are required to post announcements regarding the vacancy in three conspicuous places for at least 10 days. The announcements should indicate full details about the vacancy (position title; item number; the full qualification standards required; and the work station).
Agencies are also required to submit the same information to the appropriate CSC Regional Office which is required to consolidate and publish all vacancies in their jurisdiction in bulletin form. The "Bulletin of Vacancies in the Civil Service" are published once every quarter by all CSC regional offices. This Bulletin should then be made available to walk-in clients at the Regional, Field and Provincial Offices.
The Bulletin may also be sold at cost.
As an alternative to publication in the Bulletin, agencies are also allowed to take out advertisements in newspapers and periodicals of general circulation announcing the vacancies.
The CSC does not act on personnel appointments submitted for its processing unless there is proof of publication by way of a clipping of the published announcement.
Agencies, specifically their personnel officers, are subject to penalties if they fail to comply with the provisions of the Publication Law. Initial violations call for a censure against the erring personnel officer. Repeated or willful violations call for imprisonment of 2 years and a fine of not less than P5,000 but not more than P10,000.
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