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Personnel Policies and Standards Office
General Functions:
Formulation and periodic review of policies on career systems and standards of the various closed and open career systems
Development of policies, setting-up of strategic guidelines and procedures relative to recruitment, qualification standards, appointment, leave benefits/privileges, incentives, performance evaluation and promotion
Development of policies and guidelines on position classification and compensation in collaboration with the Department of Budget and Management
Establishment of policies and programs on human resource management systems/mechanisms such as Merit Promotion Plan, Performance Evaluation System, Incentives and Rewards System and Grievance Machinery
Enhancement of policies and programs relative to career systems through the conduct of personnel inspection and audit
Perform related tasks such as conduct of research, policy review and formulation, program development, monitoring external relations and networking, providing technical assistance to requesting agencies, and other special projects.
Review policies and standards on inspection and audit of HRM system and practices;
Undertake audit functions when necessary to enhance existing policies/programs on career systems,;
Enhance policies, guidelines and procedures in the accreditation of agencies to take final action on appointments;
Collaborate with DBM and other relevant agencies for the development of policies, guidelines and procedures on step increment, rehabilitation privilege, leave benefits, and compensatory overtime credit (COC), etc.;
Render replies to queries relative to accreditation,  leave benefits, COC; and
Render technical assistance on the division’s functions.
Develop policies, guidelines, and procedures relative to HRM systems such as merit promotion plan, performance evaluation, incentives and rewards system and grievance machinery;
Render replies to queries relative to the above-mentioned HRM systems and standards, as well as on appointments;
Render technical assistance relative to the development and administration of personnel systems in departments and agencies; and
Perform other related functions.
Develop policies, set-up strategic guidelines and procedures relative to recruitment, qualification standards, and merit system;
Evaluate qualification standards for newly created unique positions submitted by agencies for approval of the Commission
Evaluate qualifications standards for existing positions submitted to the Commission for amendment
Render opinions and rulings relative to recruitment and selection, qualification standards and appointment
Render technical assistance relative to the administration of recruitment and selection system, and qualification standards; and
Perform other related functions.


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