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Examination Announcements
2014 Civil Service Examination Calendar
Career Service Examination for Foreign Service Officer (CSE-FSO)
  -   Second Foreign Service Officer (FSO) Examinations in 2013
  -   Application Form Revised October 9, 2013
Career Service Professional / Subprofessional Exams
    - Schedule of Online Offering of CSC COMEX
    - Advisory on Online Offering of and Reservation for CSC COMEX Schedules in May and June 2014
    - Paper and Pencil Test (PPT)
    - Revised Application Form (CS Form No. 100 Revised November 2012)
    - List of Unclaimed Certificates of Eligibility for CSE-PPT passers (1995-2009) conducted in CSRO 3
    - Computer-Assisted Test (CAT)
    - Advisory    : Suspension of the Conduct of the CSE-CAT
    - Advisory    : Online CSE-CAT Result Generation System
    - Advisory    : Unclaimed Certificates of Eligibility   
    - OCARS - Check Schedule of Appearance
Local Scholarship Program (Modified) for Master's Degree Course for School Year 2013-2014
    - Advisory    : Discontinuance of LSP Written Exam
     - Rescheduling of the Conduct of the Competitive Exam. for LSP (Modified) for MDC for School Year 2013-2014
     - CSC Resolution No. 1100824, dated June 21, 2011 and Guideline & Operating Procedures
     of the Local Scholarship Program (Modified)
General Information on the Career Service Examinations (Professional and Sub-professional Levels)
General Information on the Online CSE-CAT Application Reservation System (OCARS)
Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA9416 (or the Anti Cheating Law of 2007)
Examination Results
List of Examination Results (2012 - 2014)
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