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Computer-Assisted Testing (CAT)
What is CAT?
Computer-Assisted Testing, or CAT for short, is a CSC-developed software program designed to administer the Civil Service Commission's Career Service Professional and Subprofessional examinations. It facilitates the systematic storage, updating and retrieval of pertinent examinee data as well as checking and scoring of examinee answers to test questions from a computerized software. It is also able to generate reports of ratings and statistics of pass and fail test scores.
The CAT system, a tool for test administration, replaces paper and pencil types of examinations enabling speedy checking and scoring of examinee answer data on different levels or types of examination. The system provides the advantage of generating test results to examinees within 30 minutes of their finishing an examination, at the same time maintaining statistics of scores and other pertinent information in a data bank.
The CAT system does not measure the examinee’s ability in the operation of the computer. The examinee's score will depend entirely on his/her performance in the test. The computer test and the paper-and-pencil test use equivalent test forms.
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