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CSC Regional Initiatives
Region I
  CSCRO 1 has been actively promoting gender and development in the region through the conduct of training, organization of GAD focal points and training needs assessment for agencies. In 2002, the office partnered with the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) for conduct of GAD training in the agency. They also played an active role in the organization of Regional Advocates for Gender and Equality (RAGE), an organization composed of GAD Focal Points in the region. With regard to gender mainstreaming in the office, designated Focal Points consistently participate in Gender Analysis workshop for Program implementors in Region I and strategic planning activities, related trainings and regular meetings as well. Participation in the annual celebration of Women’s Month has been a tradition for the CSCRO 1 personnel and is something that they look forward to each year. CSCRO 1 plans to sustain GAD efforts through the continued conduct of GAD orientation for new employees as well as through their continued participation in GAD initiatives of other agencies in the region.•
Region II
  Answering the directive of the Central Office in 2000 to intensify the campaign on gender and development, the CSCRO 2 personnel underwent GAD orientation workshops conducted by Director Ragucos and Mrs. Jovy Miguel. Since then, the office has pursued continuing education for its personnel through participation in various training programs on GAD. CSCRO 2 was the first in Luzon to conduct Anti-Sexual Harassment Training program, which they conducted for the Department of Education CODI members in July 2004. Apart from their active participation in various GAD-related seminars and programs of other agencies, CSCRO 2 also actively participates in the annual celebration of Women’s Day in the region.•
Region III
  The Gender and Development programs of the CSCRO 3 focused on information dissemination through the conduct of seminar- workshop, lectures, fora and symposia that aimed to increase awareness of government personnel on the rights of women. Among the efforts of the region were the organization of the Women Against Graft (WAG) in 2001, followed by a forum on the role of women in minimizing graft and corruption in government held later that same year. Since the effectivity of Republic Act No. 1877 or the Anti-Sexual Harassment Law in March 1995, CSCRO 3 has been actively pursuing information campaign through series of seminars, orientations and lectures. In the years 2002–2004, over 44 seminars on Administrative Justice and Gender Empowerment were conducted. In 2004, a Seminar Workshop on Anti-Sexual Harassment Law was held for the Department of Education employees. In 2003 and 2004, CSCRO personnel also served as resource speaker in the annual GAD Seminar Workshop of the Department of Education and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region 3. For this March, the office is preparing a Forum on Women against Violence for government employees and NGOs in Zambales and a lecture series on Sexual Harassment for graduate school students in Olongapo City.
Region IV
  Cognizant of the role of the Commission as vanguard of professionalism and to contribute to cleansing our workforce of the vestiges of sexual harassment, the CSCRO 4 conducted Anti-Sexual harassment training, Seminar Workshop on Administrative Discipline and Administrative Justice in the different agencies in Southern Tagalog with a total of 1,705 participants in the past five years. The office has also participated in the annual celebration of Women’s month. The office vows to continue the conduct of said training to foster awareness of the policies among employees on sexual harassment cases in Region 4.
Region V
  In pursuit of gender equality, CSCRO 5 has undertaken several activities and strategies within the modest budget allocated for this purpose. Various seminars on gender and development were conducted for CSCRO 5 employees. Among them were Seminar on Gender and Development Program and Reproductive Health. As part of its information campaign, the office was able to conduct fifteen (15) Administrative Justice and Gender Empowerment seminars across the region with a total of 1,603 participants from the different provinces in the Bicol region. CSCRO 5 also participated in GAD initiatives of other agencies such as “Gender Mainstreaming and Institutionalization” of the DBM Region 5 and the Launching of Centennial Feminism Movement in the Philippines.
Region VI
  The conduct of Gender and Sensitivity Training for CSCRO 6 employees in March 1998 paved the way for incorporation of gender and development concepts in several regular training programs designed by the Human Resources Division. Through the Mamamayan Muna, Hindi Mamaya Na On The Air over local radio, the CSCRO 6 helped in advancing GAD awareness among local residents. GAD advocates were invited as resource speakers on gender and development issues. The office, in coordination with the Philippine Information Agency Region 6, also co-anchored a TV program on the Community Channel Network where basic concepts on gender were discussed. CSCRO 6 has also maintained an active partnership with Ugsad, the Regional Gender Resource Center for Western Visayas composed of GAD Focal Persons in the region. The partnership has created an avenue for gender issues to have depth and meaning in the workplace. In fact, CSCRO 6 played an active part in the formulation of Ugsad Strategic Plan 2005-2010, which hopes to effectively address the gender issues in the region. CSCRO 6 hopes to sustain and further develop the GAD efforts through continued participation and attendance in Ugsad activities. Extensive conduct of Sexual Harassment seminars is currently underway.
Region VIII
  In support of the Gender mainstreaming program of the Commission, CSCRO 8 conducted various training, symposia, and orientation programs. Among the regular programs conducted were Gender Sensitivity Trainings, Orientations on Administrative Disciplinary Rules on Sexual Harassment and Seminars on Administrative Justice and Gender Empowerment. The office also held a symposium on Gender Issues and Concerns in 2002. Undertakings for 2004 included Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting, Anti Sexual Harassment Training for the Department of Education officials and employees and Orientation on Employment Related Benefits of Solo Parents. The office also organized Gender Advocacy Networking Group (GANG), Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI) and CSCRO 8 Women’s Club. Among the partnerships established by CSCRO 8 for GAD were the Regional Gender and Development Committee, Regional Development Council, Kadayao Gender and Development Resource Center in UP Tacloban and Region 8 pool of GAD Trainors.
Region IX
  In response to the need for a resource material for policies and rules on Sexual Harassment, the Legal Service Division of CSCRO 9 compiled and produced a Manual on Sexual Harassment Policies and Rules. The booklet has not only helped in increasing awareness and accessibility of information on rules governing sexual harassment; its production has also inspired other agencies to come up with their own compendium of rules and regulations. The office also came up with a handout on “how to avoid sexist language” as part of information campaign on gender awareness. To educate GAD Focal Persons in the region, the office designed a two-day program that covers rules, procedure for investigation, prosecution and resolution of sexual harassment cases in the public sector. At the end of the program, the participants were expected to echo what they learned through the promulgation or modification of rules on sexual harassment in conformity with CSC rules and conduct of echo seminars in their respective agencies. Gender Sensitivity Seminars and Seminars Workshops on the Administrative Disciplinary Rules on Sexual Harassment were regularly conducted for various agencies in the region. Likewise, training programs on gender and development were regularly conducted for CSRO personnel. Aside from various initiatives undertaken during the celebration of women’s month, the office also actively participates and supports GAD initiatives of other agencies in the region.
Region XII
  In an office where women take the lead and make up the majority of personnel, the CSCRO 12 boasts of being one of the most gender sensitive offices in the area. It has gone beyond gender issues and has transformed itself into a proponent of “Women Equality and Empowerment”. As advocates of GAD, the Office has conducted Seminars on Administrative Rules on Sexual Harassment, Anti-sexual Harassment Trainings for CODI members and Teacher’s Fora, in which sexual harassment was one of the topics. In 2001, the office stood as member of the Technical Working Group of the LGSP-CIDA Regional Project Management Office for the “Development of Gender Strategic Agenda for Local Government Units in Central Mindanao” whose efforts resulted in the conduct of a “Gender Summit” attended by Local Chief Executives, SB/SP Women chairs, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and national line agencies. In order to ensure the meaningful conduct of Women’s Month celebration in the region, the Office has forged a partnership with Commission on Population and the Local Government Support program (LGSP) – CIDA in planning and implementing the annual event. As part of the annual celebration, Dir. Macybel Alfaro-Sahi, instituted a program called “Babae, Espesyal ka” where CSCRO 12 female employees enjoyed a day off from work and were treated to fun games and lecture/discussions on gender issues.
  In recognition of the importance of Advocacy on Gender and Development in identifying and responding to gender issues and concerns, the CSCRO-CAR institutionalized the Women Employees in CARAGA (WE-CARE). The association, with the continuous support of the management, initiated appropriate activities for the purpose of unifying efforts towards the advancement of GAD initiatives in the region. In the past five years, the office has actively and diligently pursued gender sensitivity, health-related seminars and skills training for CSCRO personnel. Orientation programs on New Administrative Rules on Sexual Harassment, gender sensitivity training, a seminar on Organization and Management in Gender and Development and Anti-Sexual Harassment Seminar were conducted for select clients in the region. The Office also has designated GAD Focal Point members and organized a Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI).
  The CSC-CAR has actively pursued GAD advocacy campaign in the office through the establishment of GAD Resource Center and GAD Bulletin, encouraging gender-friendly language in the office and conducting various seminars and workshops that aim to develop deeper understanding of gender issues among employees. In pursuit of gender-friendly working conditions, the office adopted the implementation of flexible working hours and expanded the coverage of regular annual medical checkup to include pap smear and mamography for women and prostate check for men. CSC-CAR played an instrumental part in establishing the GAD Focal Points in the Cordillera Administrative Region as a legitimate organization through assistance in developing the group’s constitution and by-laws. During the celebration of the 11th National Statistics Month, the CSC-CAR conducted a briefing on the value of gender-aggregated statistics in agency operations and provided gender-disaggregated statistics on the total number of personnel in the bureaucracy. The CSC-CAR also established linkages with the Regional Organization of GAD Focal Points (ROGFP) and the UP Kasarian-Baguio in the formulation and implementation of GAD mainstreaming programs and projects in the CAR.
  In cooperation with ARMM line agencies, the CSC-ARMM played host to the 2002 celebration of Women’s month in the region. Apart from the usual kick off activities such as parade and athletic events, other activities were the conduct of ARMM Inter-agency Bowling and Dart Tournament for women, a symposium on Women’s Empowerment in the Public Service, and the Induction of WINGS (Women in Government Service) ARMM Officers. As part of its continuing advocacy campaign for GAD in the region, the office conducted an Anti-Sexual Harassment Seminar for Employees of the Department of Education in ARMM.

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