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VAW Handbook
CSC Initiatives on Gender And Development
Conduct of training on mentoring
Expansion of the local scholarship program to enable undergraduates to complete their bachelor's degree (LSP-BD);
Amendment of age requirement from 45 to 50 for LSP-MD and from 50 to 58 for LSP-SWG;
Issuance of memoranda enjoining participation of all government employees in the program of activities during Women's month;
Creation of Equality Advocates (EQUADS);
Development of Career Advancement Program for Women in Government Service (CAPWINGS); and
Conduct of livelihood seminars/trainings.
Issuance of Memorandum Circulars on the following:
  Policy at work place  - (MC 33 s. 1997)
  -  Health Awareness Program - (MC 38, s. 1992)
  - Project Talaan and checklist of reasonable working conditions (CSC MC 30, s. 1994)
  - Special leave privileges (CSC MC 6, s. 1996 and MC 6, s. 1999)
  - Flexible working arrangements (MC 14, s. 1989)
  -  Modified maternity leave (Sec. 4, Rule XVI of the Omnibus Rules)
  Policy on sexual harassment in the workplace (CSC Res. # 95-6161, MC 19, s. 1994)
Establishment of CSC Day Care/ Breastfeeding Center
        The CSC, as the central personnel agency of the bureaucracy, has a dual responsibility of promoting GAD both to its internal and external clients. Cognizant of the gargantuan task the Commission has to achieve, the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW) forged a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the CSC. The project known as Support to Gender and Development Mainstreaming and Institutionalization in the CSC Phase I was funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Four major outputs evolved out of this project:
1. MC No.8, s. 1999 - Policy on Equal Representation of Women and Men in Third Level Positions in Government;
2. Directory of Women on the Move - a database of deserving women who are qualified to occupy executive positions in government;
3. An organizational study assessing CSC's readiness to mainstream gender and
4. A report on how gender can be incorporated in two of CSC's flagship programs, VOW and SDC.

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