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Gender and Development
           Gender refers to the specific set of characteristics that identifies the social behavior of women and men and the relationship between them. Gender alludes not simply to women or men but to the relationship between them and the way it is socially constructed. Since gender biases exist and these biases prevent people from attaining their full potentials, development is impeded. To ensure that explicit, implicit, actual and potential gender biases are removed, the government embarked on gender and development (GAD) as one of its priority programs. GAD focuses on the principle that development is for all. Everyone in society, female or male, has the right to equal opportunities to achieve a full and satisfying life. Women and men enjoy the same conditions for realizing their full human rights and potentials to contribute to development as well as benefit from the results.
Strengthening of GAD Mainstreaming Efforts in the CSC
           The Annual GAD Plan is a blueprint of GAD-related activities, projects and programs of the different offices in the CSC which aims to address the various gender needs and concerns of employees in the Commission and the bureaucracy, in general, with the end goal of promoting gender equality, and also it is a living document of CSC’s continuing commitment in mainstreaming gender and development in its regular functions.
           The formulation of the annual GAD Plan of an agency is provided for in Section 27 of the General Appropriations Act of 1995.
           OFFICE MEMORANDUM NO. 60 s. 2004, CONSTITUTION OF THE GENDER ADVOCACY NETWORKING GROUP (GANG) IN THE REGIONAL OFFICES - Forming part of the dtrengthening efforts on GAD mainstreaming, this policy issuance seeks to establish a core of gender advocates who will be actively pursuing and initiating GAD-related activities, projects and programs in the regional offices.
           OFFICE ORDER 307 s. 2004, CONSTITUTION OF THE GENDER ADVOCACY NETWORKING GROUP (GANG) IN THE CENTRAL OFFICE - Likewise, a core of GAD advocates was initially constituted in the Central Office. The GANG, being voluntary and official in nature, is envisioned to expand in numbers, creating a formidable voice of people working towards the same goal of promoting gender concerns.
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